In which I break my rule about resolutions

One of my favorite mantras around the end of December and beginning of January is that I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. This year is, for some reason, different. I still believe they’re mostly empty statements setting you up for failure (so what if I’m a pessimist), but I can’t keep from thinking about my own goals for 2012. Goals — I like that word better than resolutions, don’t you?

Here are a few of the ideas bouncing around my head lately about the upcoming 12 months:

  • Get up earlier: Ever since getting my work-life balance under control, I’ve been making a serious effort to go to bed as early as possible. Granted, this isn’t until 10 or 11 p.m. most nights, but instead of staying up and doing nothing … say, watching TV … once I’m done with work or my TV show, I’m in bed. This has resulted in me waking up earlier on both weekdays and weekends, but if I’m going to start working out more (see below), I’m going to need to get up even earlier.
  • Start composting: Ever since I lived in Cincinnati, my thought has been once I move into a bigger place, I’ll start composting. Yes, I know I can’t construct my own backyard compost pile, but there are plenty of options for the apartment composter out there. Joel doesn’t believe me, but I’ll convince him. I grew up with composting and if you’re serious about recycling and reducing your waste, there’s no better option.
  • Enjoy more “electronic peace and quiet:” After reading this essay by Pico Iyer, I am really looking forward to embracing “the joy of quiet.” That means less time spent in front of various “screens,” whether that’s my iPhone, computer or television. Since giving up Twitter and obsessive news and blog-hopping months ago, I really only have a few tasks that I need and want to complete online in a given day. Once I finish my work and browsing selective pleasure sites (Facebook, blogs), there’s no reason for me stay online. So here’s to closing this laptop a little more often.
  • Ride my bike more: This one is obvious, considering I got my bike last September and there wasn’t much time left in the year to enjoy it. I plan on using it for routine rides into town and plenty of long pleasure rides around Kensington Metro Park.
  • Pull off this wedding: This one is obvious. I’m getting married this year, and so my goal is to finish this debacle they call wedding planning while staying sane. I think I’ve developed a pretty good system so far, and if I stick to my plan, I shouldn’t have a problem. But the wedding will be top of mind for the majority of 2012, so I can’t ignore it here.
  • Read more books than 2011: This goal is also obvious, as it is usually my goal every year. Yet, I think I’ve finally regained my stride after falling out of rhythm at the beginning of 2011. Reading is back in my life in a big way, and I think the pace of my reading in recent months is markedly different than the same period last year.
  • Take my damn vitamins: This goes back to everyone’s “get healthy!” resolution, but I’ve narrowed this goal down to one easy-to-accomplish, daily act. I am generally a healthy person, yet I do need to take better care of myself in a holistic sense, and taking my vitamins is a big part of that. Unfortunately, I tend to forget about them most days, or right-out avoid them on others. I’m going to try out gummy vitamins (they’re not just for kids) in 2012, so hopefully that keeps me on the wagon.
  • Start working out on a daily basis: OK, OK, here’s your obligatory “I’m going to work out everyday!” resolution. I’m not looking to lose any defined amount of weight, though due to the physical requirements of roller derby, I really do need to think about working out on a daily basis. Or, as close to daily as possible. Hopefully, my Roller Derby Workout DVD will give me the motivation I desperately need.

On a different note, do you like the new blog design? I felt like it was time for a change around here, and this design immediately appealed to me. Plus, because WordPress immediately ditched my old header picture, I was forced to find this far superior option on Google. I particularly like this design because of the link colors — a happy orange instead of plain black/blue from the old design. Is it superficial to change your blog because of link colors? Maybe, but it works for me.


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