Fun? In Toronto?

As previously mentioned, the boyfriend and I took a very cold trip to Toronto during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Since we’re not that great at taking pictures, here’s the random collection of photos we managed to take between two iPhones and a camera.

Dinner the first night at the hotel’s fancy restaurant. There were windows surrounding the circular-shaped restaurant, though it was a super-foggy night.

Um, the view … aka, reflection shot?Fancy dinner the second night at the famous CN Tower. Joel definitely had to take this picture because of my vertigo.

We ate dinner up in the rotating restaurant, which was very, very high up.

You could also look down through a glass floor, which was freaky.

As part of our informal Scott Pilgrim tour of Toronto, we spotted about ten thousand Second Cup coffeehouses.

More of Scott Pilgrim-mania, we walked like 10,000 miles to Sneaky Dees to partake of their delicious meal-sized nachos. It came on a pizza plate and we inhaled it in less than 20 minutes.

Because we’re Joel and Laura, no vacation would be complete without a trip to a museum. This trip: the Royal Ontario Museum.

Because we’re college-educated 25-year-olds, we visited the dinosaur exhibit and learned about LASER EAGLES!

Allegedly, the “World’s Largest Bookstore” is in Toronto. Not really, and it was sorta disappointing to say the least. Kind of reminded me of a giant Folletts, circa Oxford, OH.

We visited the St. Lawrence Market on the first morning, which awesome to the max (in Joel’s terms). It was like those places Anthony Bourdain visits in Europe or South Asia, and we enjoyed a freshly-made breakfast crepe in the market’s basement. Sooo many bloody cuts of meat and giant cheese wheels.

Joel and I wrote down several of our observations about life in Canada and Toronto while we were there. I won’t list them here because they’re probably slightly offensive / silly / politically incorrect, but one of the things we’ll forever associate with the Great White North are the fleeing exit men.

What’s a post-Christmas vacation without EXTREME BOXING WEEK SALES!? We visited Toronto’s Eaton Centre to escape the cold, only to be overwhelmed by it’s suffocating mall-ness and crazy Canadian crowds.

Adios Lake Ontario sunset.


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