Books for Christmas

It’s almost 2012 so this post is a little late, but the boyfriend and I just returned from a very cold and brief vacation to Toronto, so as you can imagine, we’ve had little time for shenanigans like blog writing. Plus, our swanky hotel didn’t offer free WiFi + being out of the country meant accessing the Internet outside Starbucks cost a bazillion dollars. So, no Internet. Which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, as always, I received some good books for Christmas. I didn’t ask for anything specific this year, meaning people got creative in their book-buying and I think the end result is an eclectic mix of books I really enjoy (those people in my life sure do know me).

Because of the aforementioned trip, there was no fancy picture-taking of the actual books. So you’re just going to have to deal with what I found on Google:

I always want new cookbooks, and this one from my parents is a home-run hit. I love to cook, especially simple dishes that taste super-yummy. Most of these dishes are pretty common and they don’t skimp on things like calories or butter, but it’s good to have a solid, basic recipe on hand. Plus, the pictures are pretty and the author likes to pontificate on dishes like biscuits and potato salad.

Stocking-stuffer! My parents found this at Anthropologie, proving that everything is awesome and trendy at Anthropologie (even if pants cost $200). I’ve already read this out loud a dozen times, which both helps me bone up on tenses (Je ne les voudrais manger pas dans une maison; Je ne les voudrais manger pas avec un raton) and sound super smart at the same time.

I received this from my environmental-science-studying brother, who met this author at some point during his hippie studies at BG (jk…David’s too preppy to be a hippy). I’ve been wanting to read more nonfiction, so I’m pretty psyched to read it.

Joel actually received the Europe Through the Back Door, but we all know they’re both for OUR honeymoon (what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine). Time to get the highlighter out!

The last book I got was a book of recipes from my friends Kim and Dave, an excellent gift idea I wish I had thought of myself. Since you can’t find that kind of creativity on Amazon, I’ll just let you imagine it.

Then, there’s the very literary, but not a book, best gift ever: all eight Harry Potter movies! WOOO! Time for a movie marathon!

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