Fin: ‘Under the Dome’

Under the Dome
by Stephen King

  • Date finished: Dec. 23, 2011
  • Genre: Fiction, thriller/horror
  • Year: 2009
  • Project: Big Books Project
  • Reading List: Winter 2011-12
  • Got it: I snagged this baby at Half Price Books for a cool $1.17. Oh yeah.
  • Quick thoughts upon finishing: I knew that I would like Under the Dome, being, as it is, written by my favorite author of all time. However, in a lot of ways, I was pleasantly surprised with Under the Dome because unlike other King novels, this one didn’t rely on the supernatural elements as much, instead basing its terror on the horrifying potential of man, and what humanity is capable of inflicting on itself in times of stress. The town of Chester Mill essentially self-implodes under the Dome, but not because of anything supernatural that happens (besides the whole “Dome” thing).
    This book made me very anxious; even though Second Selectman Jim Rennie is merely human, he’s absolutely terrifying in his evil. What makes it worse is that he’s entirely plausible and, for me, that’s a sign of a good monster.
    I oftentimes found myself comparing Under the Dome to Stephen King’s other opus, The Stand. The good-vs-evil setup was very similar, and there were several parallels with its characters. The Trashcan Man and the Chef, for example. But while The Stand is drama on a grand scale, Under the Dome shrinks many of the same struggles to fit onto a petridish. And for that reason, this study of human nature may be even more fascinating.
  • Grade: A+!

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