Time to get rid of the prom pictures?

I was cleaning our bedroom last week and decided that maybe — just maybe — it was time to replace Joel’s and my senior prom photo from 2005 with something, I don’t know, more relevant? Maybe one of our expensive engagement photos?

It was funny, though, looking at both my prom pictures (I bought the frame in 2004 after going to junior prom — what up Patrick!). I mean, it’s funny looking at myself at 17 and 18 (babyface alert!). But it’s also funny considering Joel and I don’t take pictures of ourselves. If someone else does, they’re usually not so great and relegated to Facebook only. Photos to put in frames, though? Not so much.

So it’s funny to think that my engagement photos are the only “formal” photos taken of ourselves since our senior year of high school. Wasn’t it only yesterday when we had to dress up once a year and have those horribly awkward, but still formal, school photos taken in the auditorium? Next it will be wedding photos, then who knows.

But it is nice to know that I’ve gotten more attractive over the years. I mean, I think so. Embracing my bad eyesight and the glasses was definitely a good idea.


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