Finding love notes in used books

I was reading my copy of The Shipping News this week, of which I bought at the Baldwin Public Library used book sale earlier this year, and I found this stuck in the middle:

You can’t find that in a Kindle. This reaffirms my love for used books and my belief that they are more than physical objects — they are talisman, part of our lives. They are where we scribble our grocery lists and keep our love notes for safe keeping.

My question: what was going on at 2 a.m.?


3 thoughts on “Finding love notes in used books

  1. This made my day – I would ADORE to find this in a book. This is something you should keep forever. How wonderful. And you’re so right – you can’t write in the margians of your stupid Kindle!

  2. A story within a story –how very cool!
    Now if only you knew who’s ‘T,’ who he married nine days after writing this and what happens in the next chapters of their life.
    Keep it, Laura. You may want to imagine and write the rest of the story some day.

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