Season seven premieres TONIGHT, everyone … TONIGHT!

I’m not going to lie — I’ve become sort of obsessed with this show. At first, I thought it was annoying because it would interrupt my Law & Order viewing marathons on TNT. Then, I decided to watch a few episodes instead of changing the channel. Then, I realized that the show was actually pretty clever, funny and had some engaging — if not campy — storylines. Then, I fell hook, line and sinker for the Booth and Brennan romance.

Then, I became obsessed.

At first, Joel thought the show was pretty cute as well and enjoyed watching it. Now, he can’t be in the same room with me when I watch my 5-hour Bones marathon once a week. Seriously, I could watch it all day. And I could watch David Boreanaz play Special Agent Seeley Booth ALLLLL day.

(And believe me, I’m not a Buffy fan but MAN, where did he come from?)

Of course, I’ve never read the books the series is based off of, written by real life forensic anthropologist/writer Kathy Reichs. I did, however, cover Kathy Reich’s visit to Miami in February 2007. At that time, of course, I knew NOTHING about the brilliance that is Bones.

Soooo OK, I’m not going to pretend that I have sophisticated motives here: I love the cases and all the characters, but my favorite is definitely Booth and Brennan’s romance. Luckily, I’ve discovered similarly crazy people on the Interwebs this summer so we can speculate about that total bomb that dropped in the season 6 finale (which I STILL haven’t seen … come on TNT!).

For your enjoyment, here’s a taped promo I hadn’t seen yet (because I don’t watch Fox, but whatever … I WILL NOW!)

Ok, one last time: I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!


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