Fin: ‘The Sun Also Rises’

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

  • Date Finished: Oct. 30, 2011
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Year: 1926
  • Project: Revisiting the Classics Project
  • Reading List: Fall 2011, Newsweek’s Top 100 Books
  • Got it: I think I first bought my copy of The Sun Also Rises from my high school’s bookstore, probably before first period.
  • Quick thoughts upon finishing: You know, I tried to give The Sun Also Rises another chance. Now yes, on this run-through, I believe I gained a deeper understanding its motifs and symbolism — a better understanding, anyway, than I did in 10th grade. And the bullfighting part was a tad more interesting than before. But, by God, I just couldn’t get over my first assessment: why can’t them whiny bitches shut up, go to rehab for their alcoholism and get a real job? I mean, I understand the whole “Lost Generation” thing — I do. I understand the dissolute feeling the pervaded the generation that came of age during and after World War I. But I just can’t feel anything for these characters. Jake Barnes is just sad. Brett Ashley can’t keep her pants on. Robert Cohn is pathetic. Everybody else are alcoholics. Barnes has a job that he actually goes to, but most of them are half-baked writers and artists with allowances — seriously, how do they find the money to travel like this? OK, now that that rant is over, I don’t think this second reading of The Sun Also Rises changed my already negative preconceptions. Sorry Hemingway.
  • Grade: C

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