Fin: ‘Devil in the White City’

Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

  • Date Finished: Oct. 15, 2011
  • Genre: History; True Crime
  • Year: 2003
  • Project: n/a
  • Reading List: Fall 2011, Rory’s Reading List
  • Got it: For $1 at Baldwin Public Library’s semi-annual book sale (score!)
  • Quick thoughts upon finishing: You know, for someone who doesn’t read a lot of nonfiction, I really — really — enjoyed Devil in the White City. Maybe because the book reads like a novel, or maybe because the story is just that fascinating. Telling the story of Chicago and the 1893 World’s Fair, as well as the infamous criminal Dr. H.H. Holmes who is suspected of butchering hundreds during the same time, Larson tells a fascinating and enthralling tale of human ambition, greed and madness. I didn’t know much about this period of American history, and I knew nothing about the Chicago World’s Fair, but I’m glad I do now. I only wish I could find more books like this.
  • Grade: A

One thought on “Fin: ‘Devil in the White City’

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