Happy birthday to me!

Good things about today:

  • It’s my 25th birthday! That’s like, mid-20s (according to Jessica Simpson)
  • Joel is home this year! (He was out of town last year for work)
  • I’ve eaten two cupcakes so far and get a funfetti cake later
  • Purple, white and blue balloons!
  • A Happy Birthday banner and streamers when I woke up
  • Two mystery presents on the dining room table (Joel won’t let me open them til he gets home…boo!)
  • Five Guys for lunch
  • Birthday wishes on my Facebook wall
  • Birthday cards
  • Derby tonight!
  • Archer e-card from Joel (see below)
  • A bunch of other things 🙂

Bad things:

  • 2 1/2 hour-long training session this morning
  • A gazillion things to do
  • Not enough time to do it
  • No time to write proper blog posts

Now, enjoy my Archer card:

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Futurama birthday song, which is — in my opinion — better than the original.

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