‘Older children get older’

I was listening to our local Canadian classical/jazz/bluegrass/indie rock station (what, you don’t have one?), and they had one of their “timewarp” segments, bringing listeners back to 2002. Switzerland had just joined the United Nations, The Bourne Identity was big in theaters and this song was at the top of the charts in the U.S.

And because I’ve been in a nostalgic and introspective mood — and because I’m turning 25 in less than a week — I turned my own thoughts to 2002. I was just about to turn 16, I saw The Bourne Identity in theaters (I would later learn how much I hate the book) and even though I didn’t appreciate it at the time, I would grow to love the Dixie Chick’s cover of ‘Landslide.’

Such a pretty song, and just as I was dwelling on the “older children get older” line, I thought back to how I was at 15 and what I imagined my life to be at 25. The kind of person I thought I might grow into. The places I would have gone, the people I would fall in love with. I know this is bordering on diary territory, but when I was in elementary school I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 16. I didn’t make any lists about my mid-20s, but I’m sure I wondered.

We turn into those people quicker than we can ever imagine.


One thought on “‘Older children get older’

  1. Even though I don’t have anything against the Dixie Chicks, and I enjoyed their version of Landslide, the original by Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks singing will bring you to tears. Her gravelly softness she lends to the lyrics gives it a sense of genuineness.

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