Sunday Salon: Introducing My Alter Ego

As I mentioned last week, I’m looking to join a local roller derby team. Last Sunday I attended my first practice (during which I only watched) then strapped on some skates and practiced for the first time on Wednesday. The experience was both terrifying, nerve-wracking and exhilarating. For two blissful hours, I forgot about work and stress, and threw myself into a wonderfully physical activity. Plus, it was hella fun. I was sore afterwards and I’m beginning to develop some wicked bruises, but I’m already loving it. I’m not at all good and I’m going to have hit up a ton of open skates sessions to become comfortable on four wheels, but I desperately want this to be worth it. So I’m going to try.

Part of roller derby is having a kickass derby name, an alter ego of sorts. Joel and I bounced around a few potential names before I attended my first practice, back when I wasn’t 100 percent sure I was going to go through with it. After my first practice, I learned of, the international roster of derby names. No two girls can share the same name, making it difficult to find something that thousands of smart, saavy girls haven’t thought of before me. My top choices — Betty Book Em and Rory Killmore — were already taken. (Did I mention the pun-like, violent nature of roller derby names?)

Luckily, no one has Rose Madder — a badass name that also happens to be the title of a Stephen King novel (my favorite author…how convenient!) So I’ve put in my request and started decorating my new helmet with rose stickers. Though I consider myself a quiet person, I’m looking forward to throwing myself into an alter ego. My behavior may not change but at the very least, it gives me the opportunity to wear fish-net and purple stockings.

Next up: actually read Rose Madder. I bought it today at Borders but I must first finish War and Peace. And that may take awhile.


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