Striving To Be a Hip Homemaker

It’s been awhile since I was in a store with someone, saw a newly published book and was able to go, “Hey! I know this book. It’s about…blah blah blah, pretentious babble, etc.”  What with keeping up with what’s going on in Metro Detroit, sites like MediaBistro, Omnivoracious and other book blogs have unfortunately fallen off my radar in recent months, leaving me behind in the literary world.

Then, when I was out celebrating the weekend early Friday afternoon, I saw The Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking and I felt the rush of previous knowledge / “I want this!” come over me. Thanks Small Measure!

Now I’m not a mom. I’m nowhere close to being a mom (let’s not freak out). However, if you want an excuse to buy me a present in the upcoming weeks, feel free to use Mother’s Day because it’s the next holiday and I want this NOW! We can just call it “Woman-Of-the-House-Day” and dispel with the awkward mom business.

That being said, I really do want The Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking. Though it seems very anti-feminist, there’s something so very satisfying about keeping a home. Knowing how to cook. Keeping things clean. Tending a garden. Domesticity is so underrated nowadays, but if anything, homemaking makes me feel like a whole human being. I’m allowed; I excel in academics, graduated top of my class and beat all the boys. I’m culturally aware, have a firm grasp on world events and have a stable 80+ hour-per-week job. I’ve been dating the same guy for 6+ years and have been living with him for two. I’ve played sports and a musical instrument. I qualify in nearly every category of modern femininity and so, for God’s sake, I shouldn’t be ashamed to call myself a homemaker as well.

If anything, my hip homemaking guide should fit in well with my growing collection of cookbooks, the herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill, and my new apron from ModCloth:

Isn’t it adorable? I know. My man bought it for me.

Young, hip homemakers…unite! What other books should I be seeking out in my quest for June Cleaver status?


3 thoughts on “Striving To Be a Hip Homemaker

  1. Haha! It wasn’t pretentious babble 🙂 And I love that apron. Although, I really can’t complain, I have a super awesome Star Wars apron. Nerds unite!

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