Royals! Weddings! Dresses!…Oh my!

I’m going to begin this entry by re-posting the picture we’ve all seen a gazillion times today:

First, I just want to say that I think Kate Middleton is pretty. Second, since I AM in the market for a wedding dress, I like looking at this picture for other reasons as well. While I’m nowhere close to actually purchasing the dress for my nuptials, watching the royal wedding this morning almost makes me want to replicate this look myself. But then, I remind myself of all the horrible Princess Di’s look-alikes and how silly they must feel. Also, while I want straps for my wedding dress, I certainly don’t want sleeves. Joel’s a catch, but it’s not like he’s the grandson of the Queen of England. I can afford to be a little less conservative.

However, watching the royal wedding this morning did make me long for long hours of uninterrupted wedding planning. The food! The accessories! The namecards! We went to Cincinnati for Easter, and I showed Joel where we’re getting married next September for the first time. Luckily, he liked it (we’re not getting back that $700 deposit). While I didn’t do much else wedding-wise, I was a little bummed upon returning to Detroit that I had to forget thoughts of white lace and go back to work. Gross.

Another reason I posted this picture is because I desperately want to learn more about the English monarchy. I don’t know, I feel like it’s something I just need to know. For some reason or another. I’m a francophile, not an anglophile, but somehow even that doesn’t matter! While watching Kate and William leave the wedding chapel this morning, my mom and I discussed what happened with Charles and Diana’s marriage, and I felt myself shamefully relying on things I picked up from watching The Queen. Really, besides that, The King’s Speech and whatever I learned about England during British Lit and Shakespeare classes, my knowledge of the royals is limited. And I want to change that.

So please, give me your memoirs, biographies and histories! I need ’em.


One thought on “Royals! Weddings! Dresses!…Oh my!

  1. I remember watching Charles & Diana’s wedding. It was every girls fantasy. I thought this was a beautiful wedding & I hope theirs results in a lifetime of love. You could see shades of his mother as he would look down. The best was when his brother turned around and saw Kate coming down the aisle & how beautiful she was & he said something to his brother. I think it is nice to see the pagentry and tradition.

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