I Kinda…Really…Want to See this Movie

If I had written the Atlas Shrugged review I wanted to write in January, you would know that though I am no Ayn Rand fan, I was surprisingly impressed by Atlas Shrugged. As in, besides John Galt’s 50-page diatribe, I found the story fascinating both as a philosophical work and piece of social commentary. While I was reading it, I began searching for film versions, knowing that if done well, the story would be just as compelling as it was on paper.

Lucky for me, Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 is out in select theaters, including my hometown art theater. Watching this trailer gave me chills:

Another plus: it looks like it’s well-produced and the actors are semi-attractive. Does that make me superficial? Maybe. But goddamit, Dagny Taggart has to be somewhat attractive if it’s going to match the image I had while I was reading it.


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