Sunday Salon: Signs of Spring

So…it’s been awhile. It’s been more than two months, to be exact, since I last updated Paperback Fool and, well, what can I say. I was stressed, I was busy, I was tired, I couldn’t muster up the energy to write any more than I already was.

I’m not going to make any promises this time around, but I believe this blog and reading is key to some kind of sanity that I’ve lost this long, long winter. First I had to recover reading; I haven’t posted a review since I began Atlas Shrugged, but first I needed to finish Atlas Shrugged, which, coupled with my work schedule, took me months. I can’t remember the last time a book took me more than a few weeks to read. Add onto this that my reading schedule was utterly and completely thrown off, and the ensuring disorientation meant that blogging wasn’t anywhere near my radar.

Now, I believe I have a somewhat better handle on my job (sorta), and reading has entered my life on a consistent basis yet again. And I’m finishing books, and really getting into them. Yes, I think I can begin writing about them yet again.

But not today. I have to start  slow, so here’s some of the signs that spring has finally arrived in southeast Michigan. After a long, long brutal winter that has left me chilly even in mid-April, it appears that warmer days are ahead. And you know, maybe it’s a sign that things are going to be all right after all.

Tiny parsley sprouts in my herb window planter.

Basil, parsley & thyme.

Sprouting outside my kitchen window.

Signs that sandals aren’t far away?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Signs of Spring

  1. Hey dad, gross. 🙂

    Thanks Cassie! I’ve missed blogging and I’m glad it’s back in my life. Books + talking about books + writing about books > real life.

  2. Nice to have you back on the blog. It was a long, rough winter and I also had no energy to read. Don’t be concerned about the length of time finishing a book-I have a book I have been reading for over 5 years-I will finish it eventually. Life catches up with us all and we have to set priorities. Now is the time for the reading-yeah!! Welcome back.

  3. Les,
    You should be looking at how pretty her toenails are, not the length of the toe. I think it is an optical illusion due to foot placement and the hardwood floor.

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