Happy Snow Day

If you’re anywhere in the Midwest, you’ll know that snopocalypse arrived last night. If you live in Metro Detroit, you know that the 10-15 inches predicted largely fizzled out into a measly 6 inches at my last check. And you know, I was really excited about this one. Damn you Michigan winter; you disappoint me yet again.

However, because the roads are pretty bad, Joel is also home for the day so it feels like a weekend around here. But it shouldn’t because I’m just as busy as I ever am (this morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m., worked until 7, slept until 9). And so I’ve banished myself to the office this morning and am trying not to be distracted by the whimsically falling snow.

If only this could be a real snow day and I could waste some serious time on the couch with Ayn Rand. *Sigh* If only.


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