Sunday Salon: Jan. 23, 2011

So the blog has been kind of silent this week. And I haven’t said much about my reading for, well, a month. Well, let me show you why:

Yes, that’s the 1,074-page Atlas Shrugged. And yes, I’m still reading it. But look! I’m so close to the end, I can feel it! Of course, I’m now waist-deep in John Galt’s 10-page speech to the world, and since much of Ayn Rand is rather abstract and philosophical, I may be stuck in this particular spot for the rest of the weekend.

In other news, I’ve been liking this book more and more every day, and even checked to see if Hollywood ever made of a movie of Ayn Rand’s classic. What a surprise to find that they’re releasing a new Atlas Shrugged movie…this year! Well, that is I think they are. I can’t find much else about it anywhere else on the Internet, and that IMDB page looks a little sparse. All I’ve been able to find on Youtube is this bit from John Stossel, in which he talks about how there has never been an Atlas Shrugged movie (since “elites” hate Rand’s message so much). But then, there’s this piece from The Atlas Society, so now I’m afraid if there is a movie, it’s some low-budget piece that will never make it to theaters. And if that’s the case, well… The book is so sweeping, so big, so complex; I feel that it can’t be done unless it’s done in a BIG way.

Ah well. Maybe some books are better left as books. They’re just too great for any other medium, and Atlas Shrugged (the liberal in me can’t believe I’m saying this) is just that great.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Jan. 23, 2011

  1. I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying Atlas Shrugged. It’s on my list to read for this year, and I’ve been looking forward to tackling it since I read The Fountainhead a year and a half ago. I’m really hoping for a fantastic read!

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