Big News on the Wedding Front

The bad news: I had to move my wedding date.

The good news: There’s really nothing wrong with my new, official wedding date: September 29, 2012. Plus I might have more fall foliage since I’ll be closer to October. Not to mention this is six days before my parents’ anniversary. Can we all say “awwww!”

The REALLY good news: I booked this place!

That’s the Krippendorf Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford. I visited in October, when my choices came down to this and French Park, also in Cincinnati. I decided that I wanted my wedding to be more casual, warm and rustic, and this gorgeous historic lodge in the woods of the Cincinnati Nature Center was simply perfect. I can’t wait to be married on the stone patio, admire the woods and nearby gardens, eat on the wrap around porch and pose in front of the fireplace inside. I can’t can’t can’t can’t wait.

And so what if my first choice was already booked. I refuse to be a bridezilla, and so while my heart jumped into my mouth when I learned my date wasn’t available, I made sure to get back to my zen state pretty quickly.

Now, to begin planning the real details….hurrah!

For photos of a wedding at Krippendorf, check out Kim Long Photography’s Photo Blog for shots of Mat and Julie’s wedding there.

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