New Year’s Eve traditions

So it’s New Year’s Eve, but considering how things are going at my house, you wouldn’t know. Joel has been off all week, so the fact that he is still slumbering upstairs (and probably will be for the next three hours) isn’t new. Patch editors technically get these next three days “off,” but I volunteered to be the editor in charge for my region this holiday weekend. This is because a) I wanted to build good will, and b) New Year’s Eve has never been that important to me. Sure, you’re ringing in a new year and all, but as the non-cool kid, I was never invited to any parties in high school and college, leaving me at home most New Year’s Eves, playing monopoly with my parents. I’m still not a party-person, so the thought of going to a house party / bar / hosting something myself is almost laughable. I spent last new year’s in probably one of the more exciting locations in the U.S.: Bourbon Street in New Orleans. While the Hurricanes were delicious, Bourbon Street was claustrophobic and slightly terrifying, I was teased by some drunk Southerners, I had to pee the entire night (making things very uncomfortable) and I left knowing one thing: I wasn’t doing that again.

Because I’m on call, Joel and I had to pass up some time with friends so that I can be home, closer to my computer and ready to jump into action should any mayhem erupt in Oakland County. But with everyone getting into the New Year’s…uh, spirit, we decided to forge some New Year’s traditions of our own. They’re not that thrilling, but it’s what we’ll be doing all day, and for once, I’m kinda excited about this holiday:

Lord of the Rings Marathon

I bought all three Lord of the Rings movies before I left Half-Price, and I’ve been itching to watch them since. I got the idea from a Facebook friend of mine, who screens all six Stars Wars movies on New Year’s Eve. Joel’s a Star Wars fan, but I’m not particularly down with the force. However, we are avid LoTR fans and I love these movies almost as much as I love the books (but not more!). So I expect some major geeking out today/tonight as we settle in with all three EXTENDED editions (with more than six hours of bonus material!). Yep, it’s going to take 12 hours, or some other ridiculous length of time.

Skyline Dip

I tell you, no one gets Cincinnati-style chili here in Detroit. You try and explain this meaty wonder, and they just don’t understand. Ah well. Unfortunately, Joel and I have been jonesing for real Skyline since we moved up here (I won’t eat Goldstar unless forced). We went to the restaurant once while we were home for Thanksgiving, but between spending time with family and friends, we never seem to have enough time during our briefs trips to the Queen City. Luckily, my mom gave Joel two cans of Skyline chili for Christmas, which means one thing: Skyline dip. Take one part cream cheese, spread on the bottom of a baking dish, top with Skyline dip then mounds of cheddar cheese. Bake and you’ve got the biggest treat of my childhood. Mmmm. I’ve eaten so much Skyline dip at birthday parties and Christmas get-togethers of yore, I can’t help but place it in that category of “special food.” What better time to make it than New Year’s Eve, during our Tolkien extravaganza?

We have some other plans today: we have tons of yummy leftovers, including twice baked potatoes (which make the best leftovers, hands down). Of course, I have to work. Despite having a “slow week,” I’m still behind for Monday—figure that out. And I want to read more of Atlas Shrugged. I’m actually enjoying myself so far, mostly because Ayn Rand is clearly a talented author. The subject matter? Eh, it’s certainly educational. But I don’t want to say too much: I’ve only made a very slight dent in its brick-like size, and Lord knows where the story will go in the next 1,000 pages.

Until then, see you in 2011 readers! I have a lot of things planned for the beginning of the new year: reflections on the second half of my reading year (similar to this), a review of The Intellectual Devotional, and discussions on some exciting literary news items. Very excited!


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