Sunday Salon: Dec. 26, 2010

Am I the only one doing a Sunday Salon today? I certainly hope so, because perhaps it will drive traffic to my wee little blog. Perhaps not. Anywho, while all those “professional” bloggers are taking a holiday from reading and writing, THIS is my holiday: a 9-5 will do that. I have been enjoying time with family, don’t worry about that. If anything, my lack of tweets should be proof enough. But how else to talk about my wonderful Christmas than a Sunday Salon, even IF it’s the day after Christmas?

Onward: this was my favorite kind of Christmas because it involved not doing very much except laying around, eating junk food and having family come to me. That’s right, I’m lazy. Get over it. Our family traditions have broken down over the years—because of various reasons—to the point where traditional family “get-togethers” aren’t necessary anymore. Nowadays, with Joel and I in Michigan full time, it’s difficult enough just getting US home by Christmas Eve. Trying to manage aging grandparents, an extended family that is churning out their own kids, and other family squabbles so that we all see each other “around” Christmastime sometimes doesn’t work. So why fight it? Who says you have to eat cranberry salad three days in a row? Christmas should be about relaxing, enjoying your time off work, and doing what you want.

So the Houser family Christmas was pretty tame this year: we enjoyed our new tradition, the Christmas Eve Mexican feast, with Joel’s family. There were a few gifts exchanged. Joel’s mom gave me the GREATEST. UMBRELLA. EVER. Seriously, look at this thing:

Yep, that’s Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Zora Neale Hurston, Viriginia Woolf, and Louisa May Alcott. Yes, that is an umbrella with famous women authors. No, you can’t have it, but you can buy your own here.

On Christmas morning, I received the only thing I really wanted this year—all seven Harry Potter books. I was very excited, and even more to find my dad snagged them on Amazon before Thanksgiving for $100.  That, my friends, is deal. They came in an adorable cardboard trunk that you can decorate with stickers, making it seem like you too are getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express at station 9 3/4. I may, or may not, do this.

We also received some necessary domestic items: a cupcake stand, two frying pans, some real knives (that aren’t from Ikea, and therefore suck), a peeler, some metal colanders. I got a fair amount in gift cards (look out Anthropologie and Banana Republic), and my traditional book ornament:

All in all, a good Christmas. After family left yesterday, we watched Scott Pilgrim and Inception. On Christmas Eve, I finished the Eyre Affair (look out for a review of that next week). Unfortunately, I didn’t expect to be so ambitious and didn’t bring home my next read, Atlas Shrugged. Which means I can catch up on blogging today before Joel and I leave for Michigan this afternoon.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that you received whatever gifts you most desired (may they be Harry Potter books, time with family, or four helpings of ham).


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