I could use that river right about now

I have to thank Rebecca of The Book Lady’s Blog (‘s Tumblr) for reminding me how awesome this song is.  While I was mellowing out this afternoon to it, I had one of those moments when all the stress of work, my sleepiness, my frustration, my stress fell away for a brief 4 minutes, 40 seconds.  My cats were perched in our window sill and on top of the chair, watching the birds pluck berries from the berry tree in front of our living room window.  The light was perfect outside, the apartment warm, my cell phone still.  Even though I had to take a nap earlier to cure myself of my headache, I felt whole for the first time all day.

Sometimes, I need to remind myself that a job is just that: a job.  It’s not my life, and it shouldn’t dictate how I feel about myself. I have always found joy in relishing life’s beautiful moments, but recently I’ve found my spare moments filled with anxiety and fear of failure. But every day deserves its Joni Mitchell song (even if Joni Mitchell isn’t the one doing the singing). I need more of these moments.


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