Sunday Salon: November 28, 2010

I can’t believe I actually found time to write this today.  But then, who’s complaining?  I’m coming out of a long holiday weekend, where I did little to nothing work-related, and have actually caught up on Patchy things by 9:30 pm. Let’s all savor this moment.

Anyway, today was a long one: I was up at 6 a.m., rode five hours with Joel + the kittens back up to Michigan, went grocery shopping, unpacked, made dinner, wrote a column and edited three stories.  The weekend before that was blissful: three full days spent at home, lots of family-time, eating, drinking way too much soda, watching Harry Potter 7 a SECOND TIME, Christmas tree decorating, and LOTS of sleeping.  It. Was. Amazing.  To put life on hold and not think about work for 24 hours straight was EXACTLY what I needed.  I had a few brief meltdowns, but I hope this weekend helps get my anxiety under control so that I can face the next four weeks before Christmas.

The best part of this weekend? OK, that might be seeing HP7.  But the second best?  Reading a significant chunk of The Scarlet Letter.  Did I finish?  No.  But I still have two days (plus tonight) to finish before my “winter” reading season officially begins.  So, be on the lookout for that but no review tomorrow.  But don’t fear!  It’ll be up soon…very soon.

As for this week, I reviewed Ella Minnow Pea (which I loved), gloated about all the books I’ve read, and then posted all the new books I’ve yet to read.  After seeing HP7 twice, and discussing it in-depth with my dad and best friend, I found this quote from The New Yorker particularly insightful as to why I, a 24-year-old, am still obsessed with the boy wizard.

Looking ahead, I’ll hopefully (will) finish The Scarlet Letter and get moving on Cold Mountain.  This week is going to be busy at work, though, so hopefully I find the time read and blog.  Here’s to hoping!


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