Sunday Salon: November 21, 2010

Well hello old readers—be excited because I (drumroll please) am finally writing a Sunday Salon!  Hooray!

Today…well, I don’t know much about today.  I know I have to go to the grocery store and stock up on food-stuffs.  I think Joel wanted to get his new glasses adjusted.  I should probably take a shower…  No, I know what I have to do today: Write. My. Column. For. Patch.  It’s going to be about (spoiler alert!) going to see Harry Potter, so I don’t foresee it being particularly difficult, however I really need to start writing these things more than a day before they’re due to run.

Speaking of Patch, I need to re-post my review of Elmore Leonard’s Djibouti sometime this week.  I actually wrote quite a few posts yesterday that will be posted this week, but I also really want to review Mark Dunn’s Ella Minnow Pea for tomorrow.  I guess this means all you readers will have MORE than enough content to keep you occupied, so good luck with that.

Since you all should (sorta) know what I’ve been up to the past few weeks—and why there was little to no reading during that time—I’ll go straight into my plans for the upcoming week, which are simple: Finish The Scarlet Letter. Really, this is getting ridiculous.  I’m not hating it, but it’s not exactly the quickest read in all the land.  I’m anxious to finish by the end of November, at the very least, so that I can move on to the first book in my Winter 2010 reading list (which isn’t yet finished), and what should have been next in this year’s fall reading list (before I shortened it): Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier.

One thing I will discuss from last week, however, is the new Harry Potter movie. I was so excited to see this movie, it’s probably a little embarrassing.  And while it was a little strange to see a Potter film cut off midway through the plot, I have to say it’s my favorite yet.  I was expecting something like this, especially since each Harry Potter movie has gotten progressively better.  Plus, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is, hands-down, my favorite book in the entire series.  To prevent me rambling on too long about this, though, I’ve put my likes/dislikes in list format for your convenience. Enjoy.


  • Alan Rickman and the actor who plays Draco Malfoy did such a good job conveying their inner struggle, despite relatively little screen time.  The fact that I have an unabashed man crush on Alan Rickman doesn’t matter: he’s an amazing actor and perfectly plays the series’ most complex character. I can’t wait to watch him in the last movie.  And I’ve said repeatedly that the guy who plays Draco is one of the best young actors in the film, and he continues to live up to that standard.
  • I know it seemed strange, and everyone laughed at the time, but I love love LOVED the scene with Harry and Hermoine dancing.  As I explained it to my dad: so much is said on Harry and Ron’s friendship.  The same goes between the friendship/budding romance between Ron and Hermoine.  But we forget that Harry and Hermoine are also best friends, and this scene reminds us of this.  Rowling is a genius to include such a friendship in what is considered a “children’s book”: their relationship is mature, intimate and yet completely platonic.  I loved being reminded of this, and other YA authors should take note.
  • Great character development among Harry, Ron and Heremoine. Harry crying at his parents’ grave was probably the most convincing acting Daniel Radcliffe’s produced yet.  Hermoine is both amazingly mature and yet emotionally fragile.  And Ron—well, I’ve always loved Ron and Rupert Grint.  His comedic timing is perfect, and he’s always done a great job playing Ron, who is moody, insecure, completely loyal, loving and foolishly brave.
  • I’m so glad they played up the part where Hermoine erased her parents’ memory. This is key to her character, and illustrates how terrifying the world has become, so I loved that they opened with it. I also pulled an “OMG!”-grab chest-sob during this part.  Not gonna lie.
  • Glad they brought back even the minor characters, like Fleur, and everyone else who was at the wedding but soon after disappeared.

It was also nice to see everyone in regular clothes. Is it nerdy that I want Hermoine's closet?

Didn’t like:

  • It moved fast—a little too fast.  But then, they did split the book in two, and much of the book is them running around the countryside.  So I can forgive them this.
  • The only part I didn’t like, actually, was that they took out the scene where Dudley shakes Harry’s hand.  I LOVED this part, as it shows that Dudley is more than just a stereotype, and that he too has changed.  This was a grown-up reference that I felt they should have salvaged. Sure it probably would have interrupted the pacing at the beginning of the movie, but who cares.

OK, that was more than a short list, and there was more than a little rambling. Oops! Anyway, happy Sunday everyone!


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