Catching up on life

All right everyone, here’s what I need to do to catch up with the rest of my life:

  • Read three weeks worth of intellectual devotionals
  • Review Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn
  • Finish The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne
  • Adjust my fall 2010 reading list…majorly
  • Write at least three to four blog posts for this week
  • Write my weekly column for Patch
  • Start researching a few enterprise stories I’m writing for Patch
  • Make sure everything is in line for the upcoming week
  • Figure out where my money is going, organize my receipts
  • Begin writing some copy for Thanksgiving
  • Edit the sports features in my queue
  • Submit some damn expenses
  • Clean my apartment

Oh yeah, today will be epic. I think it will end with dinner with friends, and begin with lunch in Royal Oak. Why not Birmingham? Because an important Birmingham official/former Birmingham journalist gave me an important tip yesterday: occasionally get OUT of the town you cover. If you don’t, you’ll be tempted to work every single minute, of every single day.  And that, my friends, will drive a woman crazy. Plus, I really, really want Bruegger’s Bagels. Mmm herby turkey sandwich….


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