Sunday Salon: Happy Halloween!

I come to you on Halloween night, with my kitten on my lap, watching Ghost Hunters Live, and eating the Twix that should have been passed out to the neighborhood children.  Unfortunately, our “neighborhood” (aka, condo complex) is woefully devoid of children, and we’ve had no trick-or-treaters as of yet.  Pretty sad, but oh well…more candy for me!  Yay for an expanding waistline!

Anyway, it’s been a mad couple of days.  Unfortunately, there was no time for reading.  Or reviewing.  Joel’s mom and my mom visited this weekend, and so there was a lot of shopping, dinner-making, hosting, shopping, and schlepping-around.  I bought a skirt at Urban Outfitters ($5!) and new tights (blue!).  Today, Joel and I bit the bullet and bought a chaise lounge to replace the 10-year-old bowl chair.  Being essentially a bed in our living room, it’s amazing, and I’ve been chilling out here all evening.  I can’t wait to lay here when I’m sick, sleeping, working, reading, watching TV….everything.

Anyway, after the moms left, my energy level crashed and burned.  Besides laying around all night, I’ve also been trying to forget a new week is about to start.  My site launches this Friday, and so the countdown to madness begins TOMORROW.  I’m actually partly terrified of launching, and so sleeping has been difficult the past few days.

At the very least, I’m hoping for a few restful nights of sleep this week.  What I’m not hoping for is reading time.  Despite the fact that reading helps to calm me—helps me to feel centered—I doubt I’ll have any time to enjoy The Scarlet Letter this, or next week.  Ooooooh well.  The life of a Patch editor, I suppose.

Until then, I think every one of my readers should check out Joel’s blog: AutomotivEnginerd.  A nerd after my own heart, Joel is trying to refine his auto reviewing skills (just as I’m trying to improve my book reviewing skills), and started a blog to share his thoughts.  Unlike many engineers, Joel is an incredibly talented writer (and I’m not saying that because I love him), and he has a LOT to say about the automotive industry, different kinds of cars, and everything in between.  So…read!


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