Sunday Salon: October 17, 2010

Geez, I can’t believe October is already halfway over.  That means I’ve passed the halfway point for my Fall 2010 Reading List, and I’ve only read…four books.  Reviewed three.  God, I’m sucking so hard this year.  Of course, I have my excuses.  I’m launching a brand spankin’ new website covering the city of Birmingham, Michigan as part of, which is quite the time-suck.  But still.  My love affair with reading is 17 years strong, and I don’t want to see it derailed by “real life” or a “grown-up job.”  Better time management may be the only thing that can save it, as well as getting this site off the ground in early November.  Normal routine = good.

But still, I need to get cracking on this reading list.  Luckily, I finished Love in the Time of Cholera last night, meaning I’ll hopefully be reviewing it here tomorrow.  I say hopefully because I’m wrapping up another busy weekend:  my brother made an emergency visit this weekend, and Joel and I spent most of the day yesterday shopping (Great Lakes Crossing is probably the most amazing retail experience I’ve ever had).  Today should be more relaxed, although I’ll be walking in the CROP Walk for Hunger this afternoon as part of Patch’s Give 5 initiative (Patch employees have to volunteer or “give back” five days during the year). So yeah, hopefully I will squeeze in that review tonight (in between cartoons on Fox and Sister Wives, of course).

This week has been a big and busy week for myself and the literary world.  The Man Booker Prize was announced, as were the finalists for the National Book Award.  What with the Nobels announced last week, this is high time for literary awards (except for the Pulitzer, of course, in the spring).  I also addressed some web-bitching about book bloggers who “blog” about who wins these prizes; namely, I decided I didn’t care what they said and decided they must think mighty highly of themselves to be making the rules for everyone else.

Friday night I headed out to our neighborhood Borders to hear famed crime-writer and local author, Elmore Leonard, read from his newest book, Djibouti.  Birmingham is hosting an Elmore Leonard Literary Arts and Film Festival in a few weeks, which I’ll be reporting on after my site goes live.  I decided it would be *fun* to review the book for my Patch, only to discover some amateur mis-characterizations of my alma mater, Miami University, in the first 25 pages.  Of course I had to blog about it (my exact words were, “Oh God, give me computer. I have to blog about this”), and I hope the rest of the book isn’t so disappointing.  But I’m not saying any more because the review goes live on my Patch site FIRST.  Therefore, though Djibouti is next on my reading list, there won’t be a review on Paperback Fool until Ella Minnow Pea.  Of course, I’ll link to my Djibouti review here (maybe even re-print part of it with permission of…myself?), so keep an eye out for that in early November.

And yeah, that’s it for me.  Besides a terrifying five minutes earlier this week, when I almost called the cops on my fiance because I was sleeping-dialing, it’s been pretty quiet.  This week, on the other hand, is another beast entirely.  I’m going out of town Tuesday and Wednesday for a work conference in Chicago, and then I have to film my “Welcome Video” for my Patch site on Thursday. EEK!  There’s a reason I hide behind my words people: HATE. BEING. ON. CAMERA.  Or, on a stage.  Or, in front of a large group of people.  Or, in the spotlight.  So yeah, worrying about all THAT kept me up for a few hours last night…not fun.  But oh well; as is the life of someone with a real journalism job.  I can’t complain.  Here’s to hoping I catch some reading time on the plane, and in between shots.


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