Soo, funny story

I usually don’t share things like this on Paperback Fool, but I thought this anecdote from my “crazy” life was weird enough to warrant a post.

So Joel was out of town last week, and then two weeks before that, for work.  I didn’t like it, not only because I missed him (sappypants), but because it was the first time I would be staying in our new townhouse—by myself—since we moved in.  I’m not usually jumpy, but you never can tell.  Both weeks I got along famously, and had no problems, with the exception of a young man who tried to sell me magazines at 9 pm, and then had to rescue my cat who decided to escape through the front door.

But anyway.  Last night, I went to bed at my normal hour, 11 pm.  Joel stayed up to do some work, and didn’t come up to bed til 1:30 am.  The funny thing was…well, when sleeping Laura saw the light go on in the hallway at 1 am, it woke up her up—halfway. A few minutes later, I heard movement in the bathroom.  I have no idea if I was dreaming beforehand, but I became convinced that Joel was STILL out of town, and that SOMEONE ELSE was in my bathroom.  I definitely wasn’t asleep, because I crept to the bedroom door, closed it until there was only a crack, and stared at the closed bathroom door.  In my head, the thought “I can’t believe this is happening to me” kept repeating itself.  I wondered briefly why a home intruder would use the restroom; I even wondered if Joel had come home EARLY, in the middle of the night, for some unknown reason.  Whatever I thought, I was convinced someone with sinister intentions was in the bathroom.

When the kitten decided to start meowing, I made for my phone, DIALED 911, and was ready to slam the bedroom door, scream my head off, and hit send as soon as Mr. Bad Guy exited the commode.

Then, I remembered and realized what was going on.  Still shaking (I was really, really scared), I turned on the light, did NOT dial 911, and had to sit down before I felt calm again.  Joel was understandably concerned, but I think we were both relieved I hadn’t actually dialed 911.  God, what a mess that would have been.

At the very least, I know that the next time I AM home alone, and a home intruder decides to hit up the restroom on his way to the escape vehicle….I will be prepared.


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