What a day for a birth-day, let’s all have some cake

The title of this post is from the birthday song from Futurama, which is (to be frank) amazing. I wish everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ like this.

So yes, today is my BIRTHDAY…hooray!  My 24th birthday, to be exact.  I’m still turning that number over in my head, mulling over its ramifications and what it says about me now that I’m a “real” grown-up.  Plus, I never got used to the sound of 23.  I mean, what a weird age, right?

It’s been an OK day so far.  Joel is gone on business this week, leaving me home alone with the kittens.  Yeah, more than a little lonely.  I had work meetings this morning, but they were both kind enough to treat me for coffee and cider (also, I didn’t tell them this, but I forgot my wallet…oops).  I just received some bad news about work, and I guess you could say the stress is piling up, but I’m trying to remain cheerful.  It is my birthday, after all, and I LOVE birthdays.  Especially mine.  I received some presents in the mail yesterday, including a $50 Anthropologie gift card that I’m itching to use (particularly for this cardigan).  And I plan on going to the grocery store later and buying myself a treat.  Still, I can’t help but feel a little down, lacking both energy and motivation. It’s certainly not the BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER from last year.

But still, maybe I’ll watch Amelie, or Pride & Prejudice, or any other of my favorite movies.  And enjoy my cake.


One thought on “What a day for a birth-day, let’s all have some cake

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