When the night has come, and the land is dark…

Just thought I would share this video, because this song has BEEN IN MY HEAD FOR 3 DAYS NOW.  I don’t know why: It could be because I’m re-reading Stephen King’s  The Stand, and though the title isn’t in reference to this song, I believe the phrase has been mentioned at least once.  Then, there’s the classic Rob Reiner flick Stand By Me, which is (of course) adapted from a Stephen King short story (“The Body”).  Suffice it to say, reading ol’ SK always puts me in the mood for this tune.  Because while the man may be a “master of modern horror,” many of King’s stories are rooted in nostalgia:  the foolish bravery of childhood, terror of the boogeyman under the bed, endless summer days, feeling like you’re invincible, and showdowns between good and evil that are reminiscent of what you’d see in a spaghetti Western, not a Wes Craven film.  There’s a reason so many of King’s books star children.  For King, that childhood was the 1960s, and you can’t read any of his books without picking up the beat and swing of the era.

So, in honor of our birthday month, King, this one’s for you:

Oh, and please direct your attention to the song, not the incredibly weird video.  Those Stand By Me actors should be  embarrassed, all that swaying and such.  I especially like when the blond kids starts “playing” the guitar, even though the song has absolutely no guitar parts.  Opting out of this video was probably one of the better decisions by Corey Feldman.


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