Sunday Salon: August 29, 2010

Hello all!  And welcome back to the Sunday Salon, of which has been temporarily put on hold the past two weeks due to new jobs, house guests, and general laziness.  And though I have spent most of my day plowing through The Stand (in a desperate attempt to finish for tomorrow’s review, as well as to finish before my summer deadline dries up), I believe now is a good as time as ever to summarize my week at Paperback Fool.

Of course, the week began nary a review and excuses.  Last weekend was the Woodward Dream Cruise here in Detroit, and Joel’s and my father drove up from Cincinnati for the event.  We housed and entertained them Friday through Sunday morning, and then Sunday afternoon, welcomed one my best friends and her boyfriend, as they stopped by on their way home from vacation.  Only an hour after they left, I packed my bags and jumped on a jet plane for Chicago, because Monday was day no. 1 for my job as Birmingham Editor at Patch.   I trained at AOL’s Chicago headquarters Monday, flew back to Detroit Monday night, and then spent 6+ more hours in training Tuesday.

Luckily I was able to pick blogging back up again, giving you my excuses Tuesday and my belated Literary Devotional Wednesday.  On Thursday, I tried to put a lighthearted spin on all the controversy stirred up by Frazengate 2010, as well as admitted why I won’t be reviewing Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay anytime soon (for the record, Rebecca over at The Book Lady’s Blog agrees with me).  I did not have a great quote yesterday, but I did bring you yet another poetic beauty from Pablo Neruda on Friday.

Now, the missing quote post wasn’t from a lack of trying; as much as I love Stephen King, his works aren’t necessarily profound.  Or, maybe I’ve re-read The Stand so many times, it’s lost its original punch.  But I was busy yesterday, if that is any excuse.  General Motors held an open house at their Milford Proving Grounds yesterday for employees and their families, and Joel and I waited in line for an hour and a half to test drive a new Chevy Volt.  I may not know much about cars, or eco-conscious vehicles, but I can say the Volt experience was pretty cool.  We also went outlet mall shopping yesterday, and I was appropriately exhausted by the time we got home.  No quotes?  No problem.

And now I must be off to read as much of The Stand as humanly possible.  I’ve worked out a good schedule for working at home, which means I can’t spend endless hours on the back patio, my nose stuck in a book.  Work does, after all, involve working, and I got a hell of a lot to do over the next few months.   As for everyone else, enjoy the rest of your Sundays and happy reading to you all!


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