Quick excuses

So, I know I’ve been AWOL the past few days.  However, I have excuses and I’m prepared to give them to you!

  • Both Joel’s and my father visited this past weekend, coming up for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.  Since we live right off of Woodward, there was essentially a long line of cars, packed end-to-end, in front of our townhouse for two or three days straight.  Most of that time was spent visiting with the fathers, exploring the Dream Cruise, and playing with the kittens (whom our daddies hadn’t yet met).
  • Because of this, I tried to find a Great Quote for Saturday, but there was simply no time.
  • On Sunday the daddies left, but Joel and I had only a short time to clean up the apartment before one of my greatest friends and her boyfriend dropped by Sunday afternoon.  I hadn’t seen said friend since I moved to Michigan, and I was thrilled to introduce them to our kittens and show them Birmingham.
  • Friends left around 5, and then I rushed to finish packing because around 7, I was picked up by a fellow Patcher.  We then headed to the airport (after making a few wrong turns) and flew to Chicago for our first day of Local Editor training for Patch.
  • As you might expect, Monday was spent in a conference room.  We left immediately from the John Hancock building (home of AOL’s Chicago headquarters) to O’Hare and waited for our flight back to Detroit.  We landed around 10, and I just made it home and into bed before passing out.
  • Today is Day 2 of Patch training, although lucky for me, it’s here in Detroit.  I actually leave in half hour or so for another six hours of training.

And so, regular posts should start back up tomorrow.  I know I skipped the Sunday Salon (again) and my Monday review, but since I haven’t yet finished The Stand by Stephen King (it’s a long book!), I wouldn’t have had a review to post anyway.  I apologize for my absence from Paperback Fool, but with so much going on, it’s been hard enough to spend time with Joel and the kittens before I have to fly off to another appointment.  I promise Paperback Fool won’t fall to the wayside, even if the next 10 weeks look busier and busier.  Plus, I can’t exactly complain.  I’m lucky to have a fulltime job that I already LOVE,  especially with the promise of  income in the next few weeks.  No one wants to hear me complain about the inability of college graduates to find jobs in this economy, nor my financial woes.  So bear with me as I explore and find my rhythm in this new adventure.


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