Bookshelf Love

Joel and I spent last Saturday dropping some not-so-serious cash at Ikea, buying furniture for our living room.  I’m happy to report that it no longer resembles a cross between my bedroom at home and a college dorm room, and we’re really pleased with the result.  While the two lamps we bought ended up being my favorite purchases, I can not overlook the most substantial addition: our three new bookshelves.  Really, they’re beautiful.  And now, combined with the two other bookshelves upstairs, I FINALLY have room for all my books, plus room to grow.  This bookworm is finally content.

This shelf contains: my Stephen King collection (with room for more), LoTR, my TBR books, my favorite authors, and a general collection of books I love to read and recommend.  Also, DVDs.  The big space on the left will be the new home of my Harry Potter collection…once I buy them.  The best part?  Definitely the spotlights at the top

The office bookshelf:  I can finally apportion part of this shelf for office/organization purposes, without feeling guilty for kicking off books.  I was also able to take Joel’s textbooks out of the closet.  This shelf holds the rest of my paperbacks (besides those by SK, or those I still need to read), my reference books and literary anthologies, and some random books that didn’t fit downstairs.

The bedroom shelf: The emptiest shelf, but where I plan to shuffle most of the overflow.  I’m happy I also have a place to put my numerous photo albums and scrapbooks.  The bedroom is where I plan to keep my smallish collection of YA books, as you can see on the middle shelf.  I’m not a big reader of YA, and so while a few of these books are new (The Hunger Games, Along for the Ride…stuff I received at SPI), most of them are favorites from my own young adulthood.  At some point in junior high, I donated nearly all my books to Goodwill, but kept my favorites: Ann Rinaldi historical fiction, Wonder by Rachel Vail, the Redwall series.  I left my American Girl books and Dear America series at home, as I wanted to keep those safe for nostalgic/collectible reasons.  As for the bottom shelf, well, let’s call that the reject shelf.  The books I DIDN’T like.  The books I don’t want people to see, or ask me about.

Now, the other day, Joel mentioned that we needed a piece of artwork for a bit of blank wall space downstairs.  It just so happens to be adjacent to our new shelves, and I think this would be perfect:

In fact, I have every intention of buying it in the next few days.   Can’t wait.  I also can’t wait to buy more books…isn’t that the whole point of new bookshelves?


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