And now, the news from Lake Wobegon

Well, not really Lake Wobegon.  Birmingham, Michigan, actually.  You get the picture.

I’m writing the post I should have written last week, you know, when I was a lazy ass.  Anyway, perhaps I took a few mental days because of the news I received last Monday morning: I am officially employed!  OK, this really isn’t news because, well, I already told you.  Plus, this post is a little late, considering I received a voicemail alerting me to the offer two Fridays ago.  If you actually know me, follow me on Twitter, or am lucky enough to be my Facebook friend, you heard all my excitement firsthand.  If you were my fiance or my parents, you would also know that I had been THIS close to getting this job for about a month.  However, as nothing was official and things could always turn south, I kept my mouth shut.  Not counting my chickens, or whatever.

However now that things are official, and I’m slated to start Monday, I don’t see any reason to stay mum on the details.  The official position title is Local Editor (LE for short…how fancy) for  Essentially, Patch is a great network of websites, bringing hyperlocal journalism coverage to communities of 70,000 or less.  Run by AOL, it’s a great opportunity for small to mid-sized communities to keep in touch and stay informed.

I will be the Local Editor for the Birmingham website, meaning I will be in charge of reporting, writing and keeping up with all the news in my little corner of the world.  Although I love living in Birmingham—and am excited to represent the Patch branch here—as a relative newcomer, I’m a little nervous.  Plus, the other three local editors recently hired for the Detroit metro area all seem so much older than me (re: experienced).  Patch is known for hiring young journalists right out of collge, however I hope my colleagues take me seriously.  I may have just emerged from a hiatus in the bookselling world, but I am still a professional journalist, and with serious writing/editing chops under my belt.  I know how to write a killer lead and nut graf, and know the AP Stylebook like it’s no one’s business.  Maybe I have a slight inferiority complex, but I’m sure I’ll get over it quick once I’m thrown into the thick of things.

Speaking of which, the job is largely independent.  While I will be meeting with my regional editors, and other local editors in my cluster, I will be working from home, on my own time.  For some social types, this type of work might drive you batty.  I think it’s AWESOME.  I’m an independent sort of girl, and since I micromanage even my spare time, I can’t imagine this being a problem.  Not going to lie:  while working in the Dayton Daily News newsroom, I found it rather awkward to conduct phone interviews when you’re less than a foot away from someone’s cubicle.  One time, the ballet/dance/cultural writer went totally batshit all over a metro reporter, all because the dude talked too loud on the phone.  It was fascinating, and I was terrified it would happen to me.  But anyway, this also means I can set my own schedule, go to work in my pajamas, and spend SO much time with my kittens.  Oh and did I mention they’re providing me with a laptop, Blackberry, police scanner and camera?  Um, yeah.  Job of my dreams.

Hmm, anything else I should tell you?  Oh!  They’re sending me to Chicago on Monday for LE training, so that’s exciting.  Third time flying, second time by myself: check.  Unfortunately, I’ll be in the city less than 24 hours, so I won’t have any time to visit the numerous college buddies who live in Chicago.  I then have more training here in Detroit, and then, who knows.

And so that’s that.  I gotta tell you, readers, life is pretty good right now.  New job, new kittens, new living room furniture.  Our new couch is being delivered on Friday, and then the daddies are coming up for the Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend.  THEN, my bestie and her boyfriend are visiting on Sunday afternoon.  If only I could recieve my first paycheck now, then things would be perfect (I won’t give out my salary, but I can say that Joel and I will finally be financially soluble).  But never fear readers: I promise that Paperback Fool will remain a top priority, with posts everyday.

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