Sunday Salon: August 8, 2010

While this was a pretty good week in reading, I think any semi-serious readers of this blog know we had quite a few *big* moments around the house this week.  So let’s get the bookish stuff out of the way first:

Thankfully, I finished Roots by Alex Haley Friday night/Saturday morning.  I woke up with a sick stomach around 3 in the morning, and not being able to fall back asleep, finally finished the ridiculously-long travesty.  You’ll get to hear all about it tomorrow, so be excited.  That gave me leave to start reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith, which is NOT disappointing whatsoever.  But in terms of reviewing, I reviewed Revolutionary Road this week, a book I thoroughly enjoyed, though it was not particularly life-changing.

Wednesday, I shared some of the cutesy ideas I have for my upcoming nuptials, and then brought you some quality reading lists from people who actually read good books.

Now the big news:  first, I received my very first, big girl job offer this Friday, making a week of aimless anxiety worth it.  And Saturday, Joel and I adopted a pair of adorable kittens, Harper Lee and Mr. Bennet.  We’ve had so much fun romping around with them so far, though they can be exhausting.  But then, how can anyone not love this face?

As for a place to house these adorable little ones, I spent the latter half of the week building a Kitten Kommand Kompound (don’t judge me for the cuteness, er, kuteness).  We needed a place to house the kittens during their first few days, as they got used to their new home.  We thought about putting them in the basement, but realized it was probably too cold, too noisy and too far away from us.  So we took the plastic thing that my desk chair rolls on, dragged it into the corner of the guest bedroom/office, taped some garbage bags overtop, and filled it with a scratching post, litter boxes, food bowls, a little bed and toys.  We then strung a green garden fence around the perimeter, to keep those little buggers inside at night and prevent them from chewing my computer cords.

The fencing turned out to be a farce, as they quickly learned how to a) knock it down and b) jump over it.  However, they do like sleeping within their compound walls (specifically, in the cat carrier), and so we kept the fence up but left an opening for them to go in and out.

On a completely non-kitten note, I had a grade school flashback moment earlier this week, and whipped up this art project on the spur of the moment.  It turned out to be a surprise present to Joel, and, if you’ll believe it, took me two damn days.  Let me tell ya, I am an artiste.

The words are lyrics to “Sea of Love” by Cat Power, which Joel and I plan to be our “first song” at the wedding. The song is so incredibly sweet, and since it already sounds like a lullaby, I love that the words are floating above our heads while we sleep.


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