Things are a-changin’ at Paperback Fool

Well, not really.  I guess it would be more accurate to say things are evolving here at Paperback Fool, and only for the better!

In an attempt to move book blogging away from a “sometimes hobby” to a “serious pursuit,” I’ve decided to instill some order around here.  I’ve already created Literary Deovtional Tuesdays and Poetry Fridays, but I think the more I hold myself to regular features, the better.  Readers have something to come back to every week, something to expect.  Instead of random musings mixed with the occasional book review, I want to offer my readers something they can’t get at any other blog.  In short, I want people to come back, day after day.  I want my blog to be a part of their routine.  I want to bring people bookish joy, on a regular basis.

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite awhile, but an idea for which feature/which day struck me this afternoon while I was reading The God of Small Things.  I immediately ran out tofind my daily notebook, where I jot everything from thoughts to grocery lists.  Here is my brainchild:

Mondays: I want to post a book review every Monday.  I think my reading schedule can keep up with the pace, especially now that we’ve moved to Michigan, and while I’m job searching, I’m not out of the house 8 hours a day.  This may mean I don’t post a review immediately after finishing a book, but rest assured, a new review will be there for you bright and early Monday morning.

Tuesdays: As always, I’ll bring you a literary devotional, every Tuesday.

Wednesdays: This is the day where my brain is allowed to wander.  I’ll fill you in on what’s going on in my life (to an extent, of course), and any other random musings I can think of.  As I jump start the job search, be prepared for frustrated rants on the soul-crushing endeavor that is job hunting.

Thursdays: If my reading schedule allows it, I would like to post another review on Thursdays.  If there are none to be posted, I’ll bring you the best in literary news (with my colorful commentary, of course), or even better, booklists!  One of my favorite hobbies is to create lists of books to read, and there’s always room to share.

Fridays: Poetry Friday will continute on, just as it always has.

Saturdays: Since Saturday should be considered a day off, even for book bloggers, I will use Saturdays to share quotes from what I’m currently reading.  Not only will you receive the infinite wisdom of great authors, but it will force me to slow down while I read, and reconsider passages I find particularly moving, and ideas I consider profound.

Sundays: And finally, Sunday will (of course) be devoted to Sunday Salons.  Where I recap all I’ve shared throughout the week, along with any other last minute reflections.

And so there it is.  Hopefully…no, I WILL stick to this plan for the time being.  It may evolve into something else as this blog matures, but for now, I think it will work for both me and my readers.

One thought on “Things are a-changin’ at Paperback Fool

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