Mid-Year Assessment

I’m not going to lie:  in an effort to expand and improve what I do here at Paperback Fool, I regularly steal ideas from other book bloggers.  Let’s not gasp in surprise, we all do it.  It’s absolutely necessary for us individual bloggers, isolated as we are by thousands of miles and the anonymity of our keyboards, to survive and thrive.  I still consider myself pretty new to the blogging scene, and so I haven’t built as many relationships with other bloggers as I would eventually like.  But, I can still give credit where credit is due.  And so, Capricious Reader, thanks for the idea of the mid-year assessment.

The exact middle of the year is probably already passed, but no matter!  As it’s about halfway through 2010, this seems as good a time as ever to document my reading so far.  I already keep a handy tab of what I’ve read since summer 2009 (after graduating from college, when I started making my own “reading lists”), but let’s break it down anyway.

Total Books Read: 27

Fiction: 18
Non-Fiction: 9

Novels: 15
Graphic Novels: 2
Plays: 1
Memoirs: 4
Anthology: 1
Other Non-Fiction: 5
(this will not add up to 27, considering Persepolis is both a memoir and a graphic novel)

I’d call 27 a pretty modest number, but this half of 2010 has seen some big changes in my life—some of which definitely hindered my reading.  I spent the first week of 2010 on vacation in New Orleans.  Joel graduated from college with a job offer from General Motors.  Joel and I got engaged.  The World Cup has been on television, rightfully distracting me with awesome soccer.  I left my job as a bookseller at Half-Price Books.  And last, but certainly not least, Joel and I relocated from Cincinnati to Birmingham, Michigan.  Certainly, it’s been an eventful year.

As for my goal to read deliberately, carefully and with passion—more of which you can find in my About Me section—I’ve read quite a few books on my endless TBR lists.  I only re-read one favorite this year (Pride and Prejudice), and most the books were deliberately picked because I have long been meaning to read them.  From my lists:

The oeuvre of Stephen King: 6 (if you count each novella in The Bachman Books separately)
National Book Award winners: 1
Seventeen‘s 25 Books to Read Before You’re 25: 1
Newsweek‘s Top 100 Books: 2
Classics: 5

My Master Reading List: 12

And what have been my favorites so far?  Most definitely Geek Love, Reading Lolita in Tehran, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (review pending).  What was worthy of a pass?  Probably Fierce Pajamas, The Strain and War of the Blood in my Veins.

All right, so now that my manifesto of linking and listing is over, tell me:  how is your year of reading going?


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