Checking in

I really don’t have time to write a full-fledged blog entry right now (it’s 11:30 and the shower is calling me…), but I wanted to check in so that my readers wouldn’t think Michigan has swallowed me whole.  The unpacking process is extremely tiring, and in addition to that, Joel and I have been running around from the store to various social engagements.  So, when do our two free weeks to “get settled” start?

Hopefully now.  Today, I have plans to hang pictures and get some little things put away, while Joel needs to tackle his mountain of paperwork for GM.  I’m trying to imagine our happy little townhouse as it will be when everything is completely done, but it’s proving difficult.  We’re currently using our college apartment/transition furniture downstairs, including a four-year-old futon, hand me down tables, grandma’s old dining room set, and my funky bowl chair from my JUNIOR HIGH years.  Yeah, I feel like we’re living in a time warp.  We have plans to purchase all new furniture, but we’re waiting til Joel receives his first paycheck at the end of the month.  *Sigh*  Then, there’s the inevitable guilt I feel from wanting all this *stuff*, all the while not having a job.

And I’m trying to read.  Really, reading is the only way I’ve been able to hold onto my sanity lately, in addition to putting away one-third of my books.  I’m actually sitting next to them right now, and it’s rather impressive because for the first time since my parents bought me this tall, white bookcase, I’ve filled all five “shelves” with books.  Of course, one shelf is actually holding my printer, and the “fifth” shelf is actually the paperbacks I arranged on top of the bookshelf.  But still.  That’s a lot of books.  I’m still getting used to the look, and I’m sure they’re still getting settled in their new home.

And yes, that is my high school letter for soccer and our childhood stuffed animals….WHAT OF IT?

We also have my smaller Ikea bookcase downstairs, which I’ve carefully filled so as to best impress our guests:  my Lord of the Rings collection, all of my Jane Austens, all of my Virginia Woolf (hey, I didn’t read almost everything she wrote for nothing!), and all of my Truman Capotes.  One shelf is filled with my Stephen King collection (although I’m convinced I’m missing a few), and the bottom with everything on my TBR list.  Yes, I can fill an entire shelf with those books.  Thank you, Half-Price Books.

Of course, there is still a very large box in our study closet filled with books that, as of now, have no home.  We plan on buying another bookcase for the living room, so hopefully we’ll have enough space then.  Geez.

But until then, I’m going to continue unpacking and reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I read a large chunk of it the other day, and as I told Joel, it made my heart hurt.  In a good way…if that’s possible.  Anyway, I know I’m in for a treat.  In the meanwhile, be on the lookout for one more literary devotional before I’m completely caught up, as well as a review of Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King.


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