So, I stumbled back onto my blog this morning, realizing I have been absent since last week’s Literary Devotional Tuesday!  I’m very sorry about that, but my my, what a week!  Here’s a quick recap of the madness:

Wednesday: Joel and I awakened at 4 in the morning, hitting the road for Michigan at 5.  We were hell bent on finding an apartment this trip around, and after several successful viewings with various apartment companies, we found *our home.*  Around 1:30 p.m.—after driving for more than 6 hours, both of us hungry and in desperate need to pee—we signed the lease on a townhouse in Birmingham.  It’s everything we needed and wanted, and I couldn’t be more happy.  Relieved as well, but mostly happy.  We returned to Cincinnati after dinner, and after packing for the weekend, promptly passed out.

Thursday:  Joel and I both woke up at 6 a.m. major grumpy-pusses.  After throwing together the last of what we’d need for the weekend, we headed up towards work/home, where I dropped Joel off before heading off to open the bookstore.  I worked til 5, came home, threw on some fun party clothes, and waited for my best friend Julia and the rest of her bridal party to pick me up for Julia’s bachelorette party.  After some miscommunication, we all made it to Newport on the Levee for dinner, drinks, dancing, lap “dances” and plenty of gazing across the river at Cincinnati’s skyline.  Came home, and passed out around midnight.

Friday: I woke up around 9, picking Joel up an hour later so we could go to the store and finish putting together Julia’s weddng present (I know, we’re procrastinators).  I then spent a measely few hours at home, before heading out to Julia’s parents’ house for manis/pedis with the bridal party.  It devolved into a bit of madness while we rushed to get ready and help Julia finish packing for her honeymoon, then we all high-tailed it out to West Chester for the rehearsal.  After that was the rehearsal dinner, and post-rehearsal drinks at the hotel where the groom’s family was staying.  Joel and I buggered out a bit early, then (you guessed it) passed out early because…

Saturday: ….was going to be a doozy. I woke up at 6, showered, and had my mom drive me out to Julia’s house by 8.  There we ate breakfast, and (barely) made it to our hair appointments in Montgomery at 9.  Luckily, the rain petered out by that point, leaving us with a beautiful day for a wedding.  After doing our make-up and getting dressed, we bridesmaids helped the bride get ready for pictures at 11:30.  With the menfolk in tow, we took pictures around the farm.  We then hightailed to the church with all the *stuff* a wedding entails.  There we took more pictures and let the waiting game begin.  Joel had his ushering duties, and we hung out eating cheese cubes and grapes til the ceremony at 4.  After that was the whirlwind of wedding + reception, and as you can imagine, by the time I made it home that night, I had just enough energy to rinse the hairspray out of my hair before passing out.

Sunday: I guess I had time to blog yesterday, but it was just nice being at home for a few hours before work.  I had the chance to watch part of the Italy/New Zealand World Cup match (I HATE Italy) before heading off to work the mid shift.  Then, it was back home to pick up Joel, then BACK to our lonely Clifton apartment.  As you can imagine, we didn’t stay up long.

And that was my week.  So, apologies again for the radio silence on my end, but I promsie to return with reviews tout suite.  Of course, now the madness that is packing + moving to Michigan + getting settled in a new city begins.  Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t promise too much.  But don’t lose hope readers!  I promise to return in full force once my life calms down, and I promise to bring you with me.


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