World Cup starts….TOMORROW!

As a crazily-devoted soccer fan, I am beyond THRILLED that the 2010 World Cup starts TOMORROW.  I may miss part or most of the first game—US v England—because of Joel’s graduation, but that’s OK.  I’m just happy it’s happening, and that this glorious sport we call soccer, football, whatever, is being celebrated all over the world.  I’m excited South Africa is hosting this year (though Nelson Mandella will be missing the first game due to a death in the family), and I hope this volatile nation can teach the world something about world unity.  We may paint ourselves different colors and wave different flags, but we’re all cheering for the same beautiful, marvelous game.

In honor of kickoff tomorrow, enjoy the 2010 World Cup theme song/video.  If it doesn’t make you cry just a tiny bit, you might just have a heart of stone.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for two more book reviews (The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Reluctant Mr. Darwin), as well as a few more of my ramblings from bookselling/life.  Also, don’t be surprised if I update you on my favorite World Cup teams (GO USA! Viva La France!).  Sorry, I’m a little obsessed.  You’re just going to have to deal with it.


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