Stash Update: Two more…

It’s almost that time people:  June 15.  The day when we HPB employees have to clear our stashes and start fresh for the new month.  That new month will be painfully abbreviated considering I’m leaving June 25 (*sadface*), and so this last bunch of books might be my last.  At least, my last big buy as a Half-Price Books employee.  I’m grabbing whatever I can, knowing my employee discount’s days are limited.

Thus, the addition of The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Empire Falls by Richard Russo.  Both have been on my TBR list for quite awhile, and at least this way I can score them for $1.50 each.  Seriously, I’m going to miss this discount.

I should also mention that I have a book on Matlab 7, an instructional book on the computer program, on my stash as well.  Yeeeeah, you can blame the engineer in my life for that one.  When I told him we had a copy of a Matlab book for $5, he told me to buy it for him.  What he’ll do with it…who knows.   I’m just the girlfriend, er, I mean, fiancee.

Also, even though I don’t update you concerning the movies on my stash, I’d like to say I will soon be the happy owner of Beauty and the Beast on DVD.  This makes me so happy, you have no idea.  First of all, we never get the old-school Disney favorites in.  (For obvious reasons), no one wants to sell their original Cinderellas, Little Mermaids, or Lion Kings.  Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and even today, I’d love to be Belle.  She was clearly the best Disney princess because, well, come on!  Look at that library!

Yesterday, though, someone sold it to us.  Luckily, I happened to be standing there when said transaction took place, and I immediately snagged it.  Sorry kiddos.  I’m going to need some good old fashioned comfort when I move to Detroit, and singing along to “Be Our Guest” is just the trick.


One thought on “Stash Update: Two more…

  1. I totally agree with you on Belle being the best princess! I always wanted to have her life. She was pretty, sweet, and had a HUGE LIBRARY! Why would you want to be, say, Jasmine, when you could have a library like that…without having to pay for the books, of course? 🙂

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