Living in Pride and Prejudice

I love Design*Sponge, and though I’m far from being a creative person and/or owning a house I can stylishly furnish, I check the site multiple times a day if I can.  Though I spend most of my time skimming the descriptions, I love looking at all the pretty pictures, especially the “sneak peeks” into really cool looking homes.

One of their regular features is a “Living in…” series, where they feature home products inspired by some of our favorite movies.  I particularly loved the Living in Stand by Me from a few weeks back, but today takes the cake:  Living in Pride and Prejudice.   This is, of course, the 2005 version starring Kiera Knightley…aka, one of my favorite movies of all time!  Yeah!  So I’d thought I pay Design*Sponge a blog-compliment and re-post part of the feature here.  If you want to see the second half, go over and give Grace et al a visit.

PS, Design*Sponge will also be at the Dominque Browning (of Slow Love Life fame) reading at McNally Jackson, one of my favorite independent bookshops in New York.  Although I quickly tired of the buzz surrounding Slow Love upon its initial release, I’ve come to appreciate Browning’s blog.  So if you’re aren’t already there (it started 30 minutes ago!), get over to Soho pronto!

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