The dream that was Emily’s garden

I’m sorry to say it, but I had to steal the title of this post, if only because it was so perfect.  Dominque Browning, of the Slow Love Life blog, originally reported on this event, and I was so enchanted by the idea of the event, I had to bring it to my readers (even if I can’t attend).

The New York Botancial Garden is now hosting The Poetry of Flowers, an event celebrating the garden and poetry of one of America’s most famous poets, Emily Dickinson.  As many of us remember from high school English classes, Dickinson rarely ventured far from her home during her lifetime, imbuing her poetry with the haunted mystery of a woman constantly running into herself.  What she did have, though, was a garden—and a beautiful one at that.  Dickinson was inspired by her flowers, and so scattered throughout the display are the poems she dedicated to them.  The display itself though—just lovely.  The NY Botanical Gardens has recreated not only Dickinson’s garden, but her home, the room she wrote in, even the view outside.  According to Browning, “This is garden theater at its very best.”

Now, I’ll admit I was never a huge fan of Emily Dickinson, but I appreciate her poetry and her artistry.  But even though there’s no way I’m going to New York by June 13 (when the show ends), I would definitely go if I could if only to bask in the beauty of poetry, flowers, and all the inspiration nature provides.


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