A blog for the bookish ladies out there

This is not Joel, but still hot (and Greek, I believe)

I’ve heard of a lot of Tumblr blogs titled along the lines of “Hot Girls (insert some inane activity that guys like to guffaw over).”  For instance, “Hot Chicks Eating Pizza.”   Yeah, guys can’t get enough of…pizza, apparently.  Anyway, now there’s a tumblr blog for the ladies who desire the full enchilada:  hot guys, who read.  “Hot Guys Reading Books” is hilarious, and I reccomend it for all my single lady friends.

I, on the other hand, do not necessarily need the eye candy.  Here’s the scene right before bed a few nights ago:  Joel and I sitting in bed.  I’m reading Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections.  Joel’s reading The Drawing of the Three (the second Dark Tower book) by Stephen King.  WHAT, my friends, is hotter than that?


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