Gilmore Girls reading challenge? Oh, it’s on

While trolling around on other book blogs, I like to check out all the “reading challenges” my fellow bloggers choose to endorse and participate in.  I have my own set of reading challenges, and so don’t think you’re going to see any of those widgets in my sidebar anytime soon.  However, I was at Lit and Life today and noticed…are you ready?…a GILMORE GIRLS READING CHALLENGE.

If you knew me, you would know that I’m a serious Gilmore Girls fan.  I started watching sometime in high school, while the third season was on television I believe.  I would watch it faithfully, and religiously, for the next four years.  During the last two years or so, I became mildly obsessed with a certain Gilmore Girls fan site, particularly its active discussion boards.  Me, and about a dozen other crazy people, would engage in long-winded discussions every Tuesday night, picking apart each episode according to our own biases and personal preferences.  Me?  I was a strict Luke/Lorelai fan, and defended/anaylzed their relationship tirelessly.  It was a bit pathetic, but oh well.  Needless to say, I was heartbroken when the show ended in 2007, and even more so when the show’s creator, Amy Sherman Palladino, left the writing staff a year earlier.  The last season wasn’t the same, and I felt like my obsession died with an unsatisfying thud.

However, I own all seven seasons on DVD and watch them…well, all the time.  Whenever I’m bored, am sick, need to waste five hours of my life, or there’s nothing on TV (which is all the time now, since I don’t have cable anymore).  A list of reasons why I love the show would be endless, but high up there would be the emphasis the show had on intelligence and books.  One of the main characters, Rory, is extremely smart and reads all the time (particularly during the early seasons).  I’ve seen several sites dedicated to the books spotlighted on Gilmore Girls, and even created a few booklists of my own based on the show.

Then, I discovered the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge.  This blog is trying to get as many bloggers to read the books mentioned on the show, and then (I assume) review them.  There are several categories, and different achievement levels depending on how many books you read from each category.  Even though she was a fictional television character, Rory has had an embarrassingly large influence on my life, and now that she’s been off the air for 3 years, I finally believe I can out-read her.  Oh yeah, Gilmore, it’s on.

Now, I’m not actually going to do the challenge (it’s asking participants to read the books during 2010), but I plan on copying the list and seeing how many I’ve already read.  With the remainders, I’ll have some good fodder for TBR lists going into my early 30s.  I’ll update you on my progress later.  Until then, check out the site to see how you stack up.  Then watch some Gilmore Girls…and listen to some Carol King…and hug your mom.


One thought on “Gilmore Girls reading challenge? Oh, it’s on

  1. This show is really amazing. I enjoyed watching the two of them, how they handles things in their life as well as the support casts and great series. I just hope that the movie of this series will be release. Hide show this show is really amazing.

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