One year ago today…

I’m spending the day at my parents’ house today, enjoying my May holiday (although you couldn’t tell it was May by the chilly, 55 degree weather outside).  It was here, watching golf with my brother, that I realized it was one year ago today that I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  That means I’ve officially been a college graduate for one year.  So strange.  Although I may be home today, it’s good to know I’ve moved out of the nest.  However, as I prepare to apply for another job in Michigan, I doubt I would have expected to still be in such an unstable employment situation.  Granted, I have a job, but I never expected the job-search “thing” to be this hard. 

However, graduations are all about optimism, and I was excited about my future last June.  I had three free weeks before I shipped off to New York for the Summer Publishing Institute.  I wasn’t worried about job hunting yet, but I had my eyes on a few companies.  Considering everything I had accomplished so far (summa cum laude, a 3.92 GPA, an editorship at The Miami Student, professors telling me I should go to grad school), I thought finding a job would be like writing a 15-page analysis on a George Eliot novel:  daunting, difficult, but a task at which I knew I could succeed if only I worked hard enough.  However, whereas it was easy to succeed at school, real life had proved to be more challenging.  The key is trying to hold onto the optimism I felt sitting Yager Stadium last June, if only to keep my spirits from plunging into depression in this horrible economy. 

But, all my musings aside, congratuations to the entire Miami University class of 2010!  I have quite a few friends graduating today, and I wish them (especially the aspiring journalists!) the best.


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