Diet fail

Yesterday, Joel and I spent the entire day driving to Michigan, looking at houses for rent, then driving back to Ohio.  We hopefully found what we wish could be our dream rental, but we’ll have to wait and see on that decision.  However, our diet crashed and died as we got closer to Cincinnati last night.  I was driving, and my energy was failing fast.  Joel was intermittently falling asleep in the passenger seat.  Then, this conversation took place:

Me:  I need to wake up, and I don’t want any more coffee.  I want root beer.  My tongue is practically crying out for it.

Joel:  I need beer.  Let’s stop at Kroger on the way home.

The option of healthy leftovers for dinner never passed our lips either.  Frozen pizza did the trick.  Yesterday morning, I unfortunately “had” to have a Starbucks sugary mess if I was going to be able to drive to Detroit at 7 a.m.  I didn’t even weigh myself this morning…so ashamed.


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