It’s a good thing I don’t have cable…

A fav picture of mine, courtesy of SyFy

Because I can watch a lot of TV when I want to.  My recent obsession?  Ghost Hunters.  It’s not exactly recent (I’ve been a fan for years), but I’ve had a lot of time lately to catch up on all the episodes I miss online (they’re originally aired on SyFy, which is on cable…LAME!).  Gosh darnit, I love this freakin’ show so much.  I just watched last week’s show (“Spirits of the Night“), and it was BANANAS.  Go watch it yourself, and prepare for some awesome paranormal action.

Because I’ve been spending nearly all my free evening time watching television on my laptop, reading has been reduced to an unfortunate minimum.  Roadwork is still in progress (sorry, bad pun), but I’ll be getting back to my book now that I’m all caught up on Jason and Grant’s latest antics.  Geez, just think what would happen if I had cable.  I might have to change this blog to Law & Order Fool…how sad.


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