Overheard at the bookstore

This exchange took place yesterday morning at Half-Price, while I was running a batch of DVDs, which is located near our CD section.  An older woman was apparently shoppping with her granddaugher, who looked to be about 9 or 10.

Old woman:  Oh, here’s the “The Sound of Music” soundtrack!

Girl:  What’s that?

Old woman (a bit dejected):  Oh, you’ve never seen it on TV?

Girl (with a ‘tude):  No.

I overhear this, and assume the older woman is trying to instill some good ol’ fashioned values in her granddaughter.  I begin to walk back toward the register.

Old woman (calling to me):  Miss? Where do you keep your Lady Gaga?

Apparently, the attempt to instill decent morals in your 10-year-old has been overruled by the elementary-school demand for Gaga.  I look at her granddaughter; I doubt she even knows how sex works.  Later…

Old woman:  Miss, I have another question.  Where do you keep that book, Precious?

Later, the woman and girl check out at the register buying a Debbie Macomber novel and an American Girl book.  Morality—and age-appropriate reading material—wins the day.


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