Stash update, Earth Day etc.

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I’m happy to report to you this Thursday morning, with a day off and (relatively) nothing to do!  Finally—a morning when I can sleep in, lounge in my PJs, and blog the morning away.  There’s nothing like it.

So there’s a few things I should update everyone on, before starting the rest of my day.  And though I technically have nothing to do (see two sentences ago), that day promises to be busy.  After writing this and a review of Pledged, I need to go on my twice-weekly run, clean the apartment, apply for yet another job, make dinner, and then tonight, Joel and I plan to visit the Root Beer Stand, in Sharonville.

SIDE NOTE:  For all you Cincinnatians afraid of venturing into the suburbs, I can’t reccomend the Root Beer Stand more enthusiastically.  Obscurely located in a tangle of warehouses, noisy repair shops, and railroad tracks, the Root Beer Stand has the best damn root beer in the city…hands down.  Its strange location is due to a natural spring running under the premises, which infuses the root beer with a refreshing, one-of-a-kind flavor.  I spent my first five years living in Sharonville, and so weekly trips to Sharon Woods and the Root Beer Stand is part of my childhood.  When I called my dad after work last night, he and my brother were coming back from a trip to the Stand, root beer floats in hand.  Since the Stand is only open during the summer months, I naturally started jonesing for it.  I can’t wait to make the trek out there tonight.

It may not look like much, but that only masks its awesomeness

Anyway, that’s my day.  I’ve also been updating my stash at work, despite purchasing at least six or seven books last month (the most since I began working at Half-Price).  Right now, the stash is holding steady at two, so I’m going to try and maintain that for the next month.  We’ll see how I do.  My to-buy shelf now includes:

You can not imagine my excitement at finding A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters.  I’ve been wanting to read this book for months—and for no apparent reason considering I’ve read nothing of Barnes besides the occasional essay and short story.  But I can remember lovingly fingering it on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, and then when I worked in the fiction section at Half-Price, reading over the description as I shelved the “Bs.”   As for Interpretation of Dreams, I can only say that I will always be the eternal student, and Freud’s work is something I wish I had studied more in college.  I read some of him and Jung for a literary theory class, but as I never took a psychology course, my knowledge of him is woefully short.  We’ll see if he stays on the shelf, since the copy isn’t in perfect condition.  But for $2, I say why not?

And finally, going back to my initial greeting—Happy Earth Day!  I wanted to take this time to plug the company who sends me paychecks every month, and who also does a phenomenal job of saving the environment—Half-Price Books.   As I’m not working today, I don’t have to worry about remembering all the details of our current promo, but if you’re around one of our stores today, stop in to receive a free re-usable water bottle for spending $25!  Since switching to re-usable in the water department more than a year ago, I can’t emphasize more how great this has been for my life and the environment.  Bottled water is probably one of the biggest scams of our time (why do we pay for something we get free out of the tap?), not to mention it’s extremely unhealthy to re-use those thin plastic bottles more than once.  Yes, we should all be drinking more water.  But investing $15 in a nice, stainless steel or BPA-free plastic bottle (I love my Camelbak!) will save you hundreds as you’ll no longer need to purchase bottle after $3 bottle of Aquafina, Fiji, whatever.  At Half-Price, though, you won’t even have to shell out the $15!  Go in and treat yourself to four or five new books, or three or four DVDs, and the bottle is our gift to you.  Remember, it’s never too late to “Take a s(eco)nd to think: reduce, reuse, recycle.”


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